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The Christian and Missionary Alliance was started by A.B. Simpson, who hailed from A.B. SimpsonCavendish, Prince Edward Island. Raised as a Presbyterian, Simpson became a pastor in 1865 at the age of 21. Within a single week, he became a pastor of one of Canada’s foremost churches (Knox Metropolitan in Hamilton), was ordained, got married and went on his honeymoon, and returned in time to preach the following Sunday. His incredible work ethic and passion for God led him to accomplish many goals, including publishing a magazine, starting the Alliance and opening a Bible School.

In 1887, Simpson (now pastoring in New York) organized the Christian and Missionary Alliance (the Alliance). With this organization, Simpson fused his passion to see the gospel of Jesus Christ taken to all nations with his desire that all followers of Christ would pursue the “deeper life” – a closer walk with God.

Initially, Simpson intended that these meetings be nothing more than a gathering of individuals from various churches who shared his passions; however, it did not take long before people began to treat the Alliance meetings as their church. Buildings sprang up, and the movement spread until finally, in 1974, the Christian and Missionary Alliance formally organized as a denomination. In 1980, the Christian Louboutin and Missionary Alliance in Canada became autonomous from the Alliance in the U.S. The Alliance is officially organized in 42 countries, and works in many others.

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