Kelly Dyer

meHello to everyone at Tofield Alliance!

Thank you so much for your support and prayers over this past year, it seems like it wasn’t so long ago that I enjoyed a Sunday at your church, but I’ve already been back in Caracas for 6 months now! It has been a big transition to live in Venezuela again, lots of culture shock once again, and re- learning how to live life in this culture. I had a quiet Christmas but I’m thankful to be back into routine. As you know we are still eagerly yet patiently awaiting for the arrival of the Ulriksen family to join us in Caracas. We trust in God’s sovereignty and timing in this; please continue to intercede for a miracle to happen in the immigration offices in Venezuela and the Embassy in San Jose. Things are going well in my English conversation class, we are now meeting every second week, and every time we meet there are a handful of new people. Please pray that God would show me who the “People of Peace” are, and that relationships would continue to grow. Thank you again for your heart for missions and for your prayers; God is answering!

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