Discipleship Groups

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Jesus had a group of twelve, but he also met with groups of three. He didn’t publish a curriculum for those meetings, but it seemed that he grew disciples by meeting with people and talking about life and Scripture.

A discipleship group is a group of two or three that meets to look at the Scriptures together.

The group makes a commitment to:

  • Meet weekly
  • Read Scripture
  • Talk about what they are learning about Jesus, about themselves, about faith, and about following
  • Pray with and for one another
  • After meeting for a year, start another group with different people

Discipleship Group FAQ

  1. Where do groups meet?
    These meetings can be in a home or coffee shop, or wherever is most convenient.
  2. Can a group use video conferencing options such as Skype and FaceTime?
    In person is always better, but not always possible. Video options may make weekly meetings possible. If so, we encourage people to use it; however, we suggest that groups aim to have at least half their meetings in person.
  3. Is there a specific curriculum?
    The Bible is to be central, so reading whole books of Scripture is recommended. A sheet called Devotional Reading Questions may be helpful. One guide specifically designed for discipleship groups of 2 or 3, called Discipleship Essentials, by Greg Ogden, is also worth a look.
  4. Does a group have a leader?
    A leader will invite people to form a group and coordinate meeting times; however, louboutin pigalle groups are designed for people to learn from one another, so after getting started, we encourage the group to share leading the discussion times.
  5. Why a weekly meeting?
    Most groups won’t be successful in meeting all 52 weeks. Life happens. But a weekly meeting allows a few exceptions without creating month-long gaps. Regular meeting also provides the best environment for spiritual growth.
  6. Are these groups mixed, or same gender?
    Same gender.
  7. How long are group meetings?
    30 to 60 minutes.
  8. How do I join or start a group?
    Talk to Pastor Calvin. If you want to join a group, he can pass your name on to those who have agreed to lead. If you want to lead a group, he can help you get started, and suggest names of people who may be interested in joining you.