Life Groups

God’s plan for us is to be connected to Him and to be connected to one another. It’s great to come to church on Sundays, but being part of God’s family is more than a once–a–week event. We grow as we attend church, but we also grow when we make relationships more than a whatever/whenever part of our lives. Life groups are an opportunity to be intentional about being connected with God’s family. As we work, play, study and learn together, God teaches us through others.

Life groups vary group to group, but the common theme running through them all, is that they gather together to study the Bible, grow in their faith and build community. They generally have anywhere from 4-12 people, of mixed gender or single gender; they meet in homes and their topics of study vary. Child care is something that the groups resolve for themselves. For more information, or to join a group, talk to Pastor Calvin.