Biblical Devotional

Devotional Bible Reading


The following questions can help us to focus, and can open our hearts to the voice of the Holy Spirit as we read scripture. Before you read, ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you through His word. As you read, consider the following questions, mark the verses that stand out, and jot down your observations.

Does this passage …

  1. Reveal a sin I need to confess?
  2. Contain a promise I can claim?
  3. Point to an attitude I need to change?
  4. Give a command I need to obey?
  5. Demonstrate a good example to follow or a bad example to avoid?
  6. Voice a prayer that I can pray?
  7. Show an error I should avoid?
  8. Teach a truth I need to believe?
    • about God (Father, Son & Holy Spirit)
    • about myself
    • about relationships
    • about the church
    • about leadership
    • about the world
    • about eternity
  9. Reflect something I should l praise God for.

In light of the insight you have discovered, write out a specific application. What are you going to do in the next day, or next week to apply the insight to your life?

Devotional Bible Reading

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Here’s another devotional exercise that can guide your scripture reading.

  1. Pray for God to speak to you through this passage. Quiet your heart and invite God to enter your thoughts.
  2. Read slowly, taking note of verses that intrigue you. Mark them.
  3. Are there verses that stand out to you? Why do you think God is drawing you to them? What application do they have in your life?
  4. What are the most important selling louboutin hakken lessons that you see God has for you in this passage?
  5. Is there a particular encouragement that the Lord wants to speak to you through this passage?
  6. Is there a warning you believe the Lord would bring through this passage?
  7. Is there any direct advice that you see that God would have you pay attention to?
  8. End in prayer — both asking for ongoing insight and listening to his voice.